Sunday, November 27, 2011

Occupy Denver Supports Local Businesses

Occupy Denver Supports Buy Local Black Friday

This Black Friday Occupy Denver has opted not to disrupt the activities of normal Americans as they go about their Christmas shopping. While we stand in Solidarity with several branches of the Occupy movement in observance of “Buy Nothing Day,” and “Boycott Walmart,” we also urge you to shop at local small businesses and artisan stores on this day. We are in the midst of this financial crisis largely because everything in our homes is currently manufactured overseas. This shift in manufacturing has deteriorated the United States labor market and eliminated our foothold as the most dominant economy in the world. The local small businesses and artisan shops of Denver survive on a slim margin and we urge you to consider them in your Black Friday shopping plans. For a directory of locally owned businesses please check here and here. If you are looking for products you may not be able to find in Denver, we urge you to try ETSY or look online for the independent equivalent.
We at Occupy Denver know that we can’t buy our way out of the massive problems we face. What we also know is that we can hit these mega exploiters where it hurts, like we did with the banks last month for Bank Transfer Day; in the pocketbook.
We stand in Solidarity with branches of the Occupy Movement across the Country who have denoted Walmart as one of the main enemies of American Labor. One measure of Walmart’s, and all corporations’, success is sales on Black Friday, so we urge all Americans to shop elsewhere. Avoid the Cherry Creek mall and all bastions of Corporatocracy in Denver. Spend the day with your loved ones and support your local economy.

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